Valley of the Gods (Utah-Amerika)

Valley of the Gods is a scenic sandstone valley that features stunning geologic formations. The statuesque formations are sculpted from Cedar Mesa sandstone dating to the Permian period, around 250 million years ago. Eroded by water, wind and ice over millions of years, the rock was carved into the unique buttes, monoliths (single massive stone or rock), pinnacles and other geological features seen today. Painted with the territory’s famous red dirt, this geological masterpiece, though a quarter of the size of its celebrated neighbor, Monument Valley, boasts a royalty of rich colors and fantastic formations. The formations have been given names such as Rooster Butte, Setting Hen Butte, Balanced Rock/Lady in a Tub by locals. As you drive through Valley of the Gods, think about the names you would give these formations. The valley’s magic is in its subtlety, as the variety and brilliance of color surprises visitors at every turn, layered with silver brush and sundried desert greens. The Valley of the Gods is truly a geological masterpiece, rightfully earning its reputation as “a photographer’s paradise.” .